PR Services Galway

PR Strategy

We help you build a strategy to broadcast your message timely, creatively, systematically and professionally.

Media Strategy

We help you develop relationships with your customer and the media. We help you to build key relationships with media journalists and publications, to show that you are an expert in your field.

Press Launches

Do you have a new product? How will your customer know it exists and how great it is? We help you create press launches that get the word out to your target market. From small scale press briefings to product launches on a grand scale, we have the expertise to make sure these run smoothly and are customised to your specific needs.

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Content Creation

We work with you to create content for your digital and social channels to communicate effectively to your target clients.

Social Media

We create a plan that offers an integrated approach to whatever social platforms your business or organisation uses, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat. It’s all about bringing your business message and branding to the fore.

Event PR

We help create awareness amongst your target market of your upcoming event and maximise the PR opportunities around the event. We take care of everything from pre-event press releases, photocalls, media invitations and post event PR.

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Media Training

Are you the spokesperson? Have you developed the skills to communicate with the audience? What is your key message? MóR Public Relations will show you how.

Photo Shoots

Setting up photoshoots and maximising the potential photographic results of a press event are key skills in gaining media coverage. We will draw up your photolist, liaise with the press photographers, come up with quirky eye-catching ideas as well as add photocaptions that convey your message for the campaign.


Maximise the benefits of sponsorship packages, make sure your branding is visible and you benefit from media coverage. Mór PR will negotiate, monitor and implement sponsorship strategies and ensure your business gains from your involvement.


Internal and external communications as well as relations with the media are crucial for a well run business. Mór PR can advise on your website, brochures, promotional material and printed literature to ensure that your corporate image is up to date and suits your target market.

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