So what’s this PR thing all about ?
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So what's this PR thing all about ?

Its a very positive thing, its all about communicating a message on behalf of a client and ensuring that its publics are aware of the positive message. Its so important in terms of reputation. Ireland is the world’s worst when it comes to the rumour machine and chinese whispers, so if an organisation, company or individual values its credibility and reputation they will actively work on their messages that are clear and represent what they do well.

The people who work in ‘The Media’ are busy people, they have deadlines and demands on their time constantly. A good example is the past weekend when all the Galway regional media were camped out in Leisureland at the West Galway count centre and this took up a huge amount of their time. Taking into consideration the demands on their already choc a bloc schedule, when a small business or organisation makes attempts to attract their attention they must have their home work done, they must be ready to accommodate the journalist or editor by providing already prepared biogs, editorials, good quality photographs and have considered whats newsey so that the editor might consider their piece worthy of going to print. If you do all that you are more than half way there.

As I always say ‘If an editor shows some interest, make sure to facilitate, drop tools, jump and ask how high’ – the value of those column inches could make the difference between a business folding, staff going on a three day week or succeeding and continuing to contribute to the local economy. The regional media live in that local economy and believe me they want businesses to succeed, so work with them and all will benefit.

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